Sneaking into the Movies

Looking back, I see why we did it
I had the money, but you didn't
So we snuck in--all summer long
One gullible ticket ripper
One lame excuse to use the restroom
And we were safely beyond that velvet rope
Ensconced in darkness

Not since Napster
Had so much entertainment
Been had for free
As we slunk down the theater aisle
Grabbed our seats
And lowered our buzz-cut heads
Below the usher’s sight line of the chair backs

We eventually came out
Eye drunk on film stock
Ears buzzing with Dolby Sound
Running out the emergency exit
And weaving blearily
Through the sun dazzled parking lot

A decade later, just out of college
I learned you had joined the Navy
I learned you had a girlfriend
I learned you had hung yourself

Confusion and early summer heat
Reigned at the cemetery that day
Everyone looked hot and angry
Stunned at your decision
To sneak back into the dark alone
And without permission
Leaving us all
To walk back to our cars
Weaving blearily
Into the sun dazzled parking lot

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